Allison Homes

There are 272 cottages at Allison Homes at 488 Burger Street in the CBD area of Pietermaritzburg. The cottages are spread over a number of complexes, ie: Queen Mary Place, King George V, Catherine Spencer Terrace and Prince Alfred Street and are all secured by means of controlled and monitored perimeter security,electric fencing and gate access.

There is a lovely sense of community and almost a village-like atmosphere, behind the secured walls and gates. Each person has their routine and can decide just how much (or how little) they would like to do each day! While everyone goes around their daily tasks, they look out onto immaculate gardens full of colourful flowers and shady trees. There are lovely spots where friends can gather or a moment of solitude can be enjoyed. Each individual can choose just how much he/she wants to participate; either by joining a group who are organising an event or by joining in!

It is possible to walk to some of the local shops, or to access transport (at a nominal fee) to enable them to visit local shopping malls, hospitals and medical professionals.

As the cottages are small and the gardens are communal we are not able to accommodate any pets with the exception of small birds in cages.

There is an onsite clinic staffed by three nursing sisters and three caregivers offering basic care and assistance in cottages and clinic assistance. The nursing staff are concerned with the holistic wellness of the residents and are qualified to check for conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes. They are also available to check on residents who have been in hospital and require after care. While the clinic staff are on site Monday to Friday, the formal clinics are open twice a week.

The Resident’s Committee organises a range of social activities. Participation is completely voluntary and currently includes; movie afternoons, carpet bowls, exercise classes, the annual fete, Christmas functions, library and monthly birthday teas.

There is a thrift shop (Choices) at which a range of second hand items, particularly clothing, is available.

Key Benefits/Services Offered

  • Independent living
  • Affordability
  • Security
  • A range of social activities
  • A range of convenience services
  • Transport to shops and doctor’s appointments
  • The onsite clinic offers basic in cottage and clinic assistance
  • General maintenance of all buildings, grounds and units


The demand for our cottages is considerable and consequently there is a waiting list. We would therefore urge you or a family member to make contact early if you are considering Allison Homes as a retirement option.

We do not have frail care. We have entered into an association with PADCA and we have preferential access to frail care facilities situated at Sunnyside Park Home.

Pricing Structure (Rental)

Allison Homes is restricted to those who are over sixty years of age. The pricing for all accommodation options is based on the break even cost of the cottage, with consideration of each senior’s income, used as a benchmark.


What some of our residents have to say:

"Allison Homes is very beautiful, everyone is nice. The office staff do lots of things for us. One is very independent but you meet people and make friends. Best thing for me is we have security day and night. I have been here four years and its been fantastic. It is clean and beautifully taken care of."

Lorraine Naidoo

"We have a lovely place here. We have a kitchen that provides fresh vegetables for us and a clinic for when we are sick and they take care us. Every month we have a birthday party to celebrate those who have their birthday that month. We have a library for reading. Once a year we have a lovely fete. It is very quiet and no one worries us."

Bharath Roopnarain

"I’ve been here eleven years and I have so enjoyed it. I wouldn’t like to live anywhere else, nowhere compares to Allison Homes. I go to the library every week. I have very nice neighbours and we all get on."

June Randelhoff

"Allison Homes is very nice, we have our own little flatlets with gardens and it’s very private. We have the kitchen which supplies food."

Dawn Elliot

"I’m very happy here."

Alice Anderson