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Make a Donation

Every little bit helps! The need is enormous as many of our over sixties struggle to make ends meet on their social pension. Your support will enable us to:

  • Food parcels as needed.(We don't give any resident cash, only essential basic foodstuffs.)
  • Assistance to pay basic transport and bus charges , administered on a strictly needs basis and mostly to get residents to hospitals and doctors.
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Gifts in Kind

Whether you’re relocating or just spring cleaning, we’d appreciate your considering bringing us any items you think could improve the quality of the lives of the more than 350 seniors who live in our facilities. When you have seniors in 318 cottages, there is always someone who will be truly grateful for a little help. Living on a fixed income can be very difficult for some.

We also have an annual fete, a popular fundraiser, and also need items to keep the stalls interesting. The fete is run by our Residents Volunteer Committee and any funds raised goes to improving the quality of life of all residents.

Here is a list of suggestions…just please don’t be limited by our imagination!

  • Clothing, bedding, unwanted kitchen and other household items (mugs, plates, dishes, small pieces of furniture, a blanket, a towel, bed linen, knives, etc) which can be used to put on the annual fete for "grannies attic" , in our weekly "garage"sales held every Tuesday and Thursday mornings
  • Clothing items which are put into our thrift shop called "Choices" where prices of quality items are set very low and give residents the dignity of being able to purchase these quality items
  • toiletries; soaps, deodorants
  • teatime treats; a packet of biscuits, a small bar of chocolate
  • incontinence products

… no gift is too small. Please talk to us - we’d so appreciate it.

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Leave a Bequest

You can make a lasting contribution to the work we are doing by making a bequest in favour of Allison Homes Trust. For more information or to make an appointment.