Independent Living Accommodation

There are 318 homes comprising 272 cottages at Allison Homes at 488 Burger Street in the CBD area and 46 cottages at Albert Allison Haven on the Mbubu Road in Boughton, Pietermaritzburg in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

There is a lovely sense of community and almost a village-like atmosphere, behind the secured walls and gates of Allison Homes. Each person has their routine and can decide just how much (or how little) they would like to do each day! There are no schedules to follow!

While everyone goes around their daily tasks, they look out onto immaculate gardens full of colourful flowers and shady trees, There are lovely spots where friends can gather or a moment of solitude can be enjoyed. Each individual can choose just how much he/she wants to participate; either by joining a group who are organising an event or by joining in!

As the cottages are small and the gardens are communal we are not able to accommodate any pets with the exception of small birds in cages.