Testimonials : Albert Allison Haven

What some of our residents have to say:

“Two and a half years ago, my wife and I moved into Albert Allison Haven. For a year before that we had looked at possible future homes. I am glad we began that process at a time when Allison Homes was advertising cottages here, and may I suggest to those considering this move, do it earlier rather than later. It is a huge change, but having got rid of things gathered over decades of life in various places, we are now settled in simplicity and rest.

We were most impressed with the arrangements at The Haven, and when Bill the CEO of Allison Homes explained and showed us around with great understanding and patience, we were caught!

Over our time here, we express our daily gratitude for the peace and beauty of The Haven and for all those who live here. There is a wonderful sense of support without intrusion. The caretaker, Errol, and his helpful and friendly staff maintain and service the whole property with care and patience. We found them so helpful in the settling in stage and will always be grateful.

The wide range of activities in this community are arranged and managed with care and enthusiasm by the Residents’ Committee.

What I have appreciated most is that with so much on offer, one never feels pressured to take part. There is a policy of live and let live and one is free to participate or not. Having said that, there is also a sense of care by residents for others.

Sharing the property with Sunnyside Home provides more activities in the week, like church services and Bible study groups, as well as the chance to join Sunnyside functions. Walking around both sets of buildings provides a pleasant environment for exercise. ”

Vernon Lund

“I was delighted with this cottage and accepted the offer to move in, where I have lived for the past eleven years and consider myself richly blest!

The cottage is well built with a spacious lounge and bedroom and en-suite bathroom, a kitchen with built in cupboards, as well as in the bedroom. I have a front verandah, burglar guards and a small garden. The lawn is mown by the Homes gardeners…

We have a braai and/or a Sunday lunch each month at a minimal cost, and various entertainment from time to time organized by our Residents’ Committee.

Our Nursing Sisters hold clinics twice a month for checking blood pressure, sugar etc. and excellent and competent advice if required….

We are a happy friendly group here and always try to help one another.”

Barbara Birkett

“Having had the privilege of living here at the Haven for 19 years, each day I count my blessings for my lovely home, surrounded by peaceful countryside woodland, wonderful caring neighbours, who look after each other, without being intrusive.

Walking along any of the 4 pathways for an evening stroll, admiring the pretty little gardens en route, or, taking a walk into our lovely memorial rose garden and sitting for a while … So much peace and tranquility to blow away the cobwebs in our mind, before settling down for the evening.

Over the years some wonderful caring people have come on board to assist financially in different ways to make life more comfortable, as we get older and frailer. This help comes by way of courtesy transport to get us to and from the hospital or doctor, when anyone is unable to safely get there by themselves. Also to take those without a car to go shopping.
To assist us in drawing up a Will or Codicil, in our own cottage at no charge and such generosity, they ensure that we enjoy a wonderful Christmas Dinner together in our own Hall.

We have great enjoyment here on our property with various social activities. Weekly we can enjoy carpet bowls, a fun quiz (musical, fun. General Knowledge). We have a monthly braai together, great fun with a bring and share variety of salads and desserts. Some residents’ get-together in a cottage to play Canasta and Bingo is played once a month. Bible study in 2 of the cottages for those interested, takes place weekly. No one needs to be lonely as there is much to enjoy.”

Jean Polkey

"I was drawing near to retirement age and looking around for a nice place to stay. A friend of mine had a cottage at Allison Haven and suggested I might like to come here. My first general impression of the establishment was good – not far from town, on a sloping hillside so that it had “views”, very pleasant little gardens and well-cared for lawns and a few large shady trees to gladden my heart! .. It’s five years now since I moved in to my very comfortable cottage.. I also have a veranda which catches the morning sun beautifully in winter and where I spend a lot of my time.

The “Haven” is not a big retirement village .. so we become more of a family-type community and it doesn’t take long to feel like one of the family. Everyone is friendly without always living on your doorstep. The bi-monthly braais and community dinners along with the occasional other evening entertainments and fun evenings have a warmth about them not only due to braai-fires! There’s a “library” containing several hundred books – growing, as donations come in from people passing away or moving into frail care somewhere. Thinking about that we also have a lovely Garden of Remembrance where one can sit and be quiet. Being on the same property as Sunnyside Home for the Aged, we feel secure in being able to be cared for in need. Having a nursing sister near at hand for weekly clinics or walk-abouts is a bonus, as are transport arrangements available for those without their own cars. I highly recommend living at Albert Allison Haven – which is an on-going tribute to that dear man whose name we bear."

Joan Duguid