Testimonials : Allison Homes

What some of our residents have to say:

"Allison Homes is very beautiful, everyone is nice. The office staff do lots of things for us. One is very independent but you meet people and make friends. Best thing for me is we have security day and night. I have been here four years and its been fantastic. It is clean and beautifully taken care of."

Lorraine Naidoo

"We have a lovely place here. We have a kitchen that provides fresh vegetables for us and a clinic for when we are sick and they take care us. Every month we have a birthday party to celebrate those who have their birthday that month. We have a library for reading. Once a year we have a lovely fete. It is very quiet and no one worries us."

Bharath Roopnarain

"When I turned 60 I filled in application forms for Allison Homes, having visited people already living here, and being impressed with the facilities. It was important that I had somewhere to go when I retired from my job in a local school where I had accommodation on site, and it was important that it was affordable. A few months before I was due to retire I checked if there might be a place for me and I was delighted to be told there was. I saw it before I moved in and was delighted with the beautiful cottage that was to be mine!

In December 2015 I moved in and my first impression was of the beautifully kept gardens, the varied facilities right on my doorstep, and the friendly welcome I received from so many people. I have been here 18 months now, and I am so very happy. It is quiet, safe and secure and I can afford it on my pension. I can visit the library, the clinic, Choices, Rendezvous or the kitchen which are all just a short walk away from my cottage; I can attend our monthly braai, sit on a bench in the afternoon and catch up with neighbours, and get involved in extra special activities like our Annual Fete. This is a great place to live, and I plan on being here for many years to come! "

Brenda Wilson

"Allison Homes is very nice, we have our own little flatlets with gardens and it’s very private. We have the kitchen which supplies food."

Dawn Elliot

"I’m very happy here."

Alice Anderson